Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Good Morning USA

I'm going to start this latest entry with apologizing for the lack of photos. My computer just went through a mechanical first few months of life crisis a couple days ago which prevented me from updating my blog for three weeks and also as a afterthought deleted a good one hundred and fifty photos. I suggest you to look at my facebok profile for any photos i upload in the next few days. OK my life.

For those who are wondering, I did indeed go to the fall of the wall anniversary ceremony. I went with my host family after a drachenboat workout practice thing. Pretty much it was just exercising. Anyway we went and it was quite amazing. U2 played and various other musical artists, Angela Merkel and Hilary Clinton spoke and plenty of other world leaders or ex leaders. In was a moving celebration. People were singing and dancing and crying from joy. There were hundreds of thousands of people all surrounding the Brandenburg tor. Just an awe inspiring sight. There was the symbolic fall of the giant dominoes which were all painted by people from around the world and also pretty fireworks. Just a great night.

Since then I have seen the movie 2012 and (spoiler Alert) the world ends the same way in German as it does in English. I think I may have to learn how to fly a plane and master the art of travel so i will be able to outrun the worlds end like they do in the movie. Anyway this awful movie ended up being 3 hours long plus and extra half hour of commercials and a 15 minute break half way through. I came close to dying of boredom and have my world ended but i managed to amuse myself by having straw saber fights with the person next to me. So ya anyway I went with Philipp my host brother, my friend and fellow exchange student Claire, and her host sister Linda.

I also went to a professional hockey game with Linda and claire the rest of their family and my next door neighbors. It was a lot of fun and our team "Eisbaren" won agains Ingolstadt. Woop Woop. That was also fun, Linda is a goof so it was fun, I am not sure how many backstreet boys songs we sang together but it must have been at least 5. In these stadiums they give us these clappers that you fold up and look like a fan but you use it to clap really loud. That made my night and the train ride home very entertaining.

Yes so Christmas is in the air and Germany might be the most christmassy place on earth besides the north pole. They have something called a weinnachtsmarkt. which is heaven on earth. Just imagine all of the christmas foods and then germanize them. All the food is delicious and they have crazy random shops for example a native american store right next to a plush pillow store which is also next to a metal signs store. It is amazing. Anyway last weekend i went into potsdam with some friends and they decided that i needed my first glass of Gl├╝hwein. It is warm wine which is a christmas specialty here and it was quite tasty. After that we all went to another Handball game and this time we won! We got more clappers and became the obnoxious potsdam fans. Afterwards we went back in town and hung out more. Germany is sweet.

Otherwise in life, School is a little bit harder as of late because we have been taking Klausurs (exams) but they are good practice for me. In fact on a physics test i managed to get a 3 which is a C plus about. Congrats to me. A lot more things have been happening too but I dont want to bore you all with every detail.

Ok german fun facts!

1. In parking lots and garages there are parking places only for women that are nearer to the stores. this apparently helps protect them from any wandering man.
2. Germans open Christmas presents on christmas eve night. It is tragic.
3. Germans dont buy there christmas trees till the last week of christmas. and they dont decorate it till the night before...
4. Apparently roasted buckeyes is a commodity here.
5. I am stealing this from a friend but they have dora the explorer here but she teaches english instead of spanish. you think they would change her name to sarah or elizabeth at least.
6. In bookstores the year calenders of princess pony wonderland and zack effron and hannah montana are right next to the playboy calenders. perfectly ok nudity visible and everything

Till next time. Happy christmas and thanksgiving everybody! wish i could celebrate it with you all!.