Sunday, November 8, 2009

Trip to the zoo

So Monday the 26th My host family and Leo's family and a few friends decided to go to the Berlin Zoo. It was a lot of fun. The berlin zoo is very big and is know to have the most variation of animal species in the european union. We saw very cute elephants playing with each other and we saw lions and tigers and bears. Oh my it was cool. So for the picture above I will give the names from left to right. Claire Macfarlane (The other american exchance student staying with us, my good friend Leo, Philipp my host brother, a gorilla, Lena (Leo's little sister), Valerie (Leo's Friend), me, and Lena's friend. (I forget her name).
Lena is really cute and is a little dämon (demon) sometimes. so i had to give her a lesson by throwing her into the pond.
2 of my favorite people in Deutschland.
Valerie and Leo and Claire. They seem to be enjoying their time at the zoo. We went to the petting zoo part of it and we got to feed the little animals. I felt like a little kid because I had so much fun. Expect my hands were so disgusting afterwards from the food and animal spit. The whole zoo trip was a lot of fun because I got to play with the Lena and joke around and have fun with the other teenagers. My german is a little bit better.
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