Monday, October 26, 2009

Fußballspiel und ein Konzert

Ok so! i am making up for my lacking of updating my blog! So sunday I had a long day. Philipp, Georg, and I went to a professional German soccer game. The teams were Hertha BSC (The Berlin team) against Wolfsburg. The picture above is the Olympic stadium for the 1936 olympics. This was where Jessie Owens won 3 gold medals. In fact there was a street named after him on the left. The stadium was very cool because it wasnt to big looking from the outside but when you go in it it is huge. The part that you see now is only the top section of rows. There are plenty more that go below ground level. And we just happened to be 3 rows from the front!
Philipp my host brother and I posing with our tickets in front of the stadium. Instead of selling hamburgers and nachos and fries here, they sell butter or salt pretzels and beer.
This stadium was awesome! This picture was taken at ground level. There were 35,000 people there and plenty of empty seats. Unfortunately the reason for the empty seats is that Hertha BSC is the worst team in the league. But it was still enjoyable and they didn't lose! It was a tie 0-0. Also the fans are crazy! The whole time there was drunken singing and chanting! The only chant that i could understand was "Ha Ho Hee, Hertha BSC"
And after we changed from the soccer game we went to the philharmonic Klassik Musik Konzert. It was good... No they were really good but it reminded me of my days when I was dragged to the cleveland orchestra. This concert was hosted by the Classical Music radio channel so they had some of the radio hosts come out and say stuff. It was interesting. Fun Facts!!! Germans never eat pie and have no idea what it is. For example I sadly went to McDonalds today and I ordered 2 "apple Pies" which are called apfeltaschen translated to being pocket apples. and they not only cost 2 euro when it is usually 1 dollar for both but they were crusty and way to sweet and not at all the two for one dollar apple pies that I love. Another fun fact is that not only do bikers have there own lane in streets but they also have biking traffic lights with little bike symbols on them. and the crosswalk lights make noises so the blind people know when to cross. One last fun fact for the day, Germany Rocks! Ok later!
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