Saturday, October 24, 2009

Berlin, night of lights

Ok, sorry about this late blog. Also I will try to make my grammar a little bit better since I have had several complaints. Last weekend was the start of my "Herbst Ferien" (fall break). It is two weeks long but for me, quite boring. Anyway, last weekend my host family took me out to a fancy pizza resaurant in Berlin. It was very tasty but i got a Calzone that could have fed 5 people. So i wasn't quite able to finish which because of that i was made fun of by my family. Anyway after the restaurant we walked around Berlin. In October Berlin is recognized as the City of lights. This is because many of the buildings and castles are decorated by pretty lights. We went first to the Brandenburger Tor. It was very cool. There were thousands of people there and even a white stretched hummer pulled up with what i can assume to be German celebrities, and took pictures in front of it. It was constantly changing colors. So this wasn't the only color it had.
Phillip and I standing in front of one of the lights used to light up the Brandenburger Tor. We thought we were cool. In reality we saw a model having photos taken of her in front of the light, so we wanted to try it too.
This is Schloss Charlottenburg, It is the biggest palace in Berlin. It is really beautiful in day time and has a huge Garden behind it that is incredible. But it is also pretty at night, I guess.
From this shot it doesn't even look real. So after the night of lights which was last saturday I had a pingpong tournament with the neighbors, which was great. We played a game which they called chinese tabletennis. Which i think is called "around the world" in America. Pretty much you hit the ball and run around the table to hit another and multiple people can play. It was great... And i won. :D This Past weekend of vacation I have been bored out of my mind. Amusing myself by mostly exploring the many forests in Seeburg. And I have had someone to do it with me. Claire whom I have mentioned on the blog before is staying with me for the next few weeks because her host family was awful and she is switching families. She is an American exchange student like me and also with CBYX (Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange) which is the scholarship program we are on. But other then that my week has been awfully boring. I saw Pelham 123 with claire, Phillip and phillip's friend last wednesday. It was pretty good from what I could understand. And today I slept in late and then helped Claudia in the Garden for a couple hours and then Claudia, Claire and I went Christmas Shopping! Yes, I know. CHRISTMAS Shopping. We have a good reason. It takes a while to ship the Gifts. But we went to A shopping center in Berlin and it was huge and i think it had around 7 floors. So ya. Tomorrow we are going to a Fußball Spiel (soccer game) where the berlin team is playing another team. And then we are seeing an Orchestra. And on monday we might go to the Berlin Zoo which has the most species in all of Europe. So I will have a more exciting Blog post to update after those. German fun Fact time!!! Germans never put napkins on there laps. EVER! It is so weird and they always give me looks when I do. Also they always keep their hands above the table when eating. Germans rarely wear Helmets when riding bikes. Dogs are allowed everywhere. You can see them in the shopping centers, Grocery stores and in random Shops. Germans are very crafty. My Neighbor is building a Race Cart for racing down a hill. It is made out of wood and is very cool. Badminton is a serious and big sport here. OH YA!! I just remembered. I went to a nikey Store the other day when I was helping philipp buy a winter coat and it was huge! All over the walls it had facts of world records in sports. And Micheal Jordan was listed for some fact. And taking up the whole wall behind the cashier counter was a giant picture of Lebron James doing his chalk throw while runnig in the court. and it had the Just Do It nikey logo. I was so excited!!! Also Addidas is German, I had no idea. Anyway till next time!
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