Monday, October 12, 2009

4 weeks in

ok im going to start off by apologizing to everyone because i have been completely out of communication as of late. also i think it has been two weeks since i last updated. I do have some valid excuses of course. I am so busy! If my school gave me hw here i am not quite sure i would have time to do it. First of all since i last wrote i talked about my first trip to berlin and mentioned how awesome it is? well i loved it so much that i have been back 6 times sense! See, this seems a little bit extreme but what can i say, im an addict and im addicted to berlin. well the real reason is that i have begun taking courses at night at a language school in berlin twice a week. the first couple of times my host dad Georg drove me the 30 minutes to the school but today i went by myself using public transportation with the UBahn which is like the subway. it was a real adventure and the half hour train ride wasnt too bad and i didnt get lost, i feel like a local! annnnnyway the school is working out fine but it cuts into my last bit of free time on the weekdays. I spent the weekend in berlin with afs the weekend of the 3rd and 4th. it was labeled "late orientation camp" it was a load of baloney(i hope that is spelled right). It was completely pointless other then the fact that we got to meet other exchange students and share are experiences so far and help each other out and stuff and it was a lot of fun during our free time and we had a trip to alexanders platz where the the fernsehetum, i think there is a picture of it below somewhere. so when i say pointless i mean not pointless at all its just that some of their activities belittled us into children. so there were brazilians, a frenchman, some chinese students, a swiss girl, another american named claire, and a japanese student, a thai student, a latvian student and a mexican. pretty interesting crowd. i was happy because i got to play a lot of table tennis and foosball. Then this past weekend my friend claire who was also at the orientation stayed over with my host family and me for the weekend. she had to take the sat in Berlin. but my host mom and i decided to make her weekend interesting so we went into berlin saturday and checked out the brandburger tor and went to this chocolate shop that apparently is quite famous but i forget its name. it had chocolate statues of the titanic and the brandenburger tor and fernsehetum and several others. it was quite cool. plus i got to buy a bunch of delicious chocolates. then on sunday we went to potsdam and checked out sansoucci again and showed claire my school and stuff. speaking of sunday, i had a soccer game and i am sorry to say we lost, and i either broke my finger or hyper extended it. so i am typing all this with my ring finger on my right hand all bandaged up and useless. school is impossible as ever and i took a day off last tuesday to recuperate a little. it is exhausting being immersed in a language that u do not speak fluently. I went to my first party on friday and it was an odd experience. apperently by the end of it 250 ppl had come and gone. it was huge and it was in this tiny house with speakers blasting u could here from a block away but the neighbors didnt seem to care too much. germans also only dance to this weird Electral techno, so i did my best with the stanky leg dance and the shopping cart and all the other awesome dances that i know. much sarcasm in Awesome. i made a complete idiot of myself because its all fun and everyone loved it. School is still in possible with math being the only language that i fully understand even tho its in german. but i only get it by figuring out how she got to the next step in the equation on my own so it is mostly self taught. well a guided self lesson. philipp and i get along so freaken well. i lucked out with my host family, i could not have asked for a better one. philipp and i throw the frisbee a lot together and screw around all the time. in fact last weekend we had a huge wrestling match on the kitchen floor and my host mom claudia took pictures and videotaped it! it was a riot. philipp left for the week to go to england with the school, by the way. uhhh german fun facts time!!! i am not sure if i mentioned this before but germany has a bazilian political parties including several communist and nazi partys. these parties take up a very small percent of the voting population but they do still exist. German Teenagers and kids adore "your mom" Jokes. my school doesnt ever have substitute teachers, they just have free periods if the teacher is out. uuuhhh t mobile is pretty much the biggest cellphone company here. (please bear with me if i repeat myself). everone wears scarves, and very colorfuls ones at that, guys included. and that is it for this week. till next week!


  1. I am concerned about your English. More specifically, your grammar and spelling skills. Please tell me that you're just not proof reading because you're typing these things quickly. Love you =P


  2. i am not proof reading at all and i am typing like i would on aim to be quick