Monday, September 14, 2009

Germany... first few days

So I am in germany.. It is awesome. my host family is very nice and my host brother is great. so after my way too long plane ride and then train ride to berlin my family picked me up. It was awkward at first and my german is no where close to being as good as i thought it was! haha but i already see improvement! i don't have pictures at the moment cuz i can only upload my pictures through my laptop and my family doesnt have wifi. but i'll figure something out. so my first night here my family who consist of Georg (pronounced gay-org) my father, Claudia my mother and philipp Neubauer my brother. for those ppl reading who know him, philipp looks a lot like chistian manchester. german food is so amazing! i had my first dönner, i think that's how it is spelled. it was so so so so so so good! but i couldnt finish it :( from what i have noticed german teenagers have no end to their appetite. philipp hass like 3 servings of what i can barely stuff down one and my friend leo said that most guys can eat around 2 or 3 dönners in one sitting where i onlz ate about half. haaa i have no idea why americans are so fat if they are not eating all this food. i went to a birthday party of the girl i mentioned earlier called leo and it was my first encounter with other germans other then my host family. they were all so nice and understanding and they even gave me champagne. woop. drinking age is 16 here unlike the 21 in america. Today i had my first day of school and struggled by, each day is different but i had all 4 of my classes with leo so i got by. i had math, chemi, politik, und computer. chemi was impossible, i just sat there and drooled while the teacher talked cuz i understood nothing. and politik is in english so of course the teacher asked me about obama and american government and the health care issue. uggg. then i went home on the bus with leo who is very nice and very understanding and i went straight home and took a 3 hour nap :D leo und philipp are my german teachers they are so easy to talk to so i just ask them questions and they try to understand and then answer me. they rock. so taking a step back orientation was a lot of fun in the end and im going to miss all my friends there! the plane ride was long and the train ride was almost just as long. but i had friends on both trips so it could have been worse! also on another note, in seeburg there are more buckeyes here then i have ever seen in ohio... there are so many! ok it is dinner time! bis später!


  1. Sounds like you have jumped right in Jack. Please explain what in 'donner'. I wasn't sure if that was a dessert or a meat...

    I'm glad that you have Leo and Phillip. I know they will help you a lot. Will you be starting your German lessons soon?

  2. Doener only has one n in it :-P I'm glad you're adjusting well, I'd be so nervous if I was there for a year.