Saturday, September 19, 2009

meine erste woche!

so my first week... i took my time writing another post cuz i wanted to get a feel for germany. so here is what happened. monday my first day of school was quite intimidating. i didnt really know anyone and i understood absolutely nothing of what the teachers taught. but as this week progressed i still understood little to none but i started to make friends which made the classes less boring. most the ppl here are very nice and willing to work with my poor german skills. soccer practices have started and they have been great. i haven't really seen that huge gap in athletic ability between germans and americans that everyone talks about. im pretty much on the same level as them. philipp (my host brother) is probably one of the better players on the team. so i have been hard at work during the english classes this week. all of the english teachers pretty much use me as an assistant for reading passages or answering questions with my american english knowledge. plus i have 2 different english teachers. one for advance and one for the lower level and they both made me stand up for an hour and let students ask me questions. it got very redundant. i have explored downtown potsdam as much as i can in my free periods and afterschool with friends and it is a beautiful city! during art class on thursday the whole classe went to this beautiful church to make sketches of and the teacher didnt even come with. it was so much fun and there was also a castle and a huge garden and plenty of tourists. and so far it has been sunny every single day so i have seen germany at it's best everyday! i picked up tennis here in germany also. my small town of around 1500 ppl is a host to one of the most famous tennis clubs in germany apparently. they host the national womans tennis tournament here every year and we get free tickets to the matches because we live in seeburg! all of the courts are carpet which is really neat! i like them a lot! i played tennis with a really talented 10th grader and it was a good time. claudia and georg (host parents) came and watched and took a few picures also. i went to a greek restaurant on friday with my parents and philipp and it was pretty good! unfortunately im going to have to get used to there being no free refills and u must pay for water. and germans only ever drink mineral(sparkling) water which im actually starting to like. and the waitress gave us free cocktails for dessert! lots to get used to. today i had a big day! i slept in to prepare for my first trip on the autobahn. we had a wedding about 150 km away and my host father likes to drive fast! the wedding was very nice. it was in a castle. WOW and the groom recieved a porsche as a gift. it was the nicest and coolest car i have ever seen. i have pictures that i will put up as soon as i solve some difficulties. but wow. i was so jealous! and after the wedding philipp and i left my host parents cuz they were spending the night in the castle hotel and we took a train to potsdam. on the train was a group of 2 germans and 2 polish men all extremely hilarious and drunk. they were the most drunk i have ever seen anyone be. it was hilarious. and they just kept on taking shots and drinking more and more beer. all on the train mind u! anyway in potsdam i saw district 9 with a bunch of ppl. it was in german but it was still entertaining! and then philipp and i took a bus home and we are to now. germany is a lot of fun i already have nice friends and my family here is perfect! i miss u all very much and i apologize for jumping around so much in this blog i just wrote things down as they came to me and i also apologize for grammatical errors. im sure u dont mind! anyway miss u all!

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