Wednesday, September 23, 2009


This is the brandenburg gate. I dont really know much about it but it is huge and really cool looking. Oh and it was built in 1770.
The Rathaus which is city hall. I go bye this building everyday. if u look closely u can see a bus stop. I get dropped off there every morning from the bus.
This Große Kirche (big church) is called Die Peter und Paul Kirche. This Kirche is right in downtown potsdam and i see it pretty much everyday. its really tall. it is on Brandenburg Straße (street) which is pretty much the focal point of Potsdam.
This is the Hermann von Helmholtz Gymnasium. this is where i go to school! it is a beautiful old building. apparently it was originally built in the 1600s or so but it has been restored and fixed up since.
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