Monday, September 21, 2009

Montag! the 21st

So its monday.. the longest school day i have all week! i have 2 hours of mathe (math) in the morning which i somewhat understand. My only problem so far in math is reading aufgaube (work or questions) because i dont know the english translations. I have been writing them down once i learn them so hopefully i will learn them! then i had a chemi (chemistry) test which i couldn't even answer one question but i think the Lehrerin (female teacher) was understanding. so 2 hours of chemi then i had 2 hours of Geshichte (history) which is in english so that was alright. we talked about the up coming election involving the plethra of political parties including CDU which chancellor Merkel is a part of, FDP which recently joined up with CDU for the election, SPD which the Kanzlerkandidat Steinmeier is a part of and parties including the Grün (green) party and CSU and die linke which is the radical left group and plenty more. I have had to watch the Merkel-Steinmeier debate several times in the past week. after Geshichte i had a short break for lunch and then i had a classe called Informatik which is pretty much computer sciences. for me it is impossible because i cant understand anything! so i went about the class period doodling in paint. Nach der Schule (after school) bin ich zu eine cafe mit freunden gegangen (I went to a cafe with friends). Then when i got back home i went shopping with Claudia my host mom and bought school supplies and food and candy. Ok so i think i haven't quite said enough of what germany is like in all my blog posts so for every post im gonna just say some random things that i have noticed. For instance our neighbors have a hen house. our neighbors also have a solar pannelled roof. I get to school everday by using public transportation on a bus and i come home also by bus. however i still need leoni (my friend. she is also one of my ppl i go to for teaching me german) or philipp (my host brother). I am not sure if i mentioned this before but germans only drink Carbonated water they dont drink any tap water. i think i said that in my last post but my family literally only has carbonated water, Milk and Soda. Germans love carbonated drinks! Also germans listen mostly to american musik with a few german exceptions. And German food is the best creation on earth! Hope that informed you a little bit more. and if i didn't mention earlier about the politics, there is an election next week for kanzler and other important post so there are advertisements and posters everywhere! Bis Später!

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